Bardin Hill strives to generate superior risk-adjusted returns for clients and is committed to delivering excellence across all functions of the firm. Our culture puts client interests first and promotes ethical conduct, innovation, and teamwork.

Focus on Core Competencies

We focus on our core areas of expertise: opportunistic credit, performing credit, and merger arbitrage. Our integrated investment team and platform across asset classes allows us to find opportunities where other firms may not. Our ability to analyze intricate investments allows us to become involved in challenging situations and create value for our clients.

Generating Alpha

We strive to generate alpha by applying a disciplined, proven, and repeatable investment process as the investment landscape evolves. Our investment professionals have gained valuable experience through economic cycles and we apply this knowledge to our areas of expertise. We aim to deliver outperformance relative to our competitors across economic cycles by investing in opportunities that are less correlated to debt and equity markets.

Culture of Risk Management

Risk management is an integral part of our investment process. Understanding risks before they occur is essential to effective investing. Our risk processes are well defined and applied systematically, and risk oversight is conducted by the firm’s senior leadership. We believe that risk management starts with investment selection and portfolio construction and is augmented with forward-looking scenario analysis.

Commitment to Investors

Placing clients’ interests ahead of our own is at the core of the firm’s philosophy. We have a proactive culture of compliance supported by institutional quality processes and work in partnership with clients to understand individual investment objectives and risk tolerances. We are committed to transparency and building long-term relationships based on an alignment of interests with our clients.